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Dedicated Hosting

Domain Names
General EFXi FAQs

Dedicated Hosting

Do you offer dedicated server hosting with full administrative access?
Yes we do.  We currently offer Windows 2008 R2 servers running under Hyper-V with up to 4 processors and 8GB of RAM.  Our base virtual server hosting platform consists of Dell 2950 III servers with dual quad-core Intel Xeon processors and 32GB of RAM.  We will configure a system to suit your needs and give you a custom quote.  SQL Server and SharePoint servers are available as well.  Our Binghamton datacenter provider has absolutely outstanding bandwidth quality up to 1000mbit and super-low latency.  It is the best bang-for-your buck datacenter in the Binghamton area.  To find out more please Contact Us.

Domain Names

How much is it to register or renew a domain name?
Domain names ending with .COM, .NET, or .ORG are $15 per year to register new or renew.  Domain names ending with .DJ are $50 per year.  EFX internet will handle the registration and renewal process for you if you wish.  If your domain name is not registered with EFX your registration renewal cost may vary depending on the registrar your choose.  If you are going to register a domain name on your own please contact EFXi first for a list of reputable and trusted registrars.
Why is my domain name registered under EFX internet and not my own name?
As a general rule names we register or renew we do so under our master EFX internet domain registration account.  We use our contact information to insure that access for transfers, renewals and updates is always available.  This insulates our client's email from spam and also preserves their privacy as their name, address, telephone number and personal information is hidden from the publicly accessible WHOIS database for domain names.  It also insures that they are not bombarded with transfer requests sent via postal mail from unscrupulous domain registrars like Domain Registry of America (DROA) that are fashioned to look like domain renewal bills.

We prefer setting domains up this way since the alternative usually results in expired domains, expensive reactivation fees, trouble processing transfer requests, hijacked domains, many support phone calls and confusion for our clients.  Understanding that we in effect are the legal registrant of the domains on behalf of our clients we, in good faith and as a policy, will not hold domain names hostage in case of a billing dispute as long as billed domain registration and renewal fees are paid in full.  Our clients are always welcome to register and maintain the renewal of their own domain with the domain registrar of their choice or transfer their existing domain to a registrar of their choice at any time.
What is a safe website to search for available domain names?
We recommend using the domain name search feature at either Network Solutions - www.nsi.com - or Dotster - www.dotster.com.


Someone trying to send me email is being blocked.  How do I remedy this?
EFX internet employs several RBLs (Realtime Blackhole Lists) to combat spam.  Send us the To: and From: email addresses and we will whitelist their email address so future emails are not blocked.  For more information on RBLs click here.
I cannot send email.  I am getting a "we do not relay" error message.
Usually checking your mail before trying to send a message will fix this.  However you may use the solutions below for your email client:

In Outlook go to Tools / E-mail Accounts... / View or change existing e-mail accounts, then select your account and click Change..., then click on More Settings... / Outgoing Server and enable "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" and select "Log on to incoming mail server before sending mail."

In Outlook Express go to Tools / Accounts / Mail, then select your account and click Properties / Servers and enable "My server requires authentication" the click Settings... and select "Use same settings as my incoming mail server."

Lastly, if neither solution above works your ISP may be blocking "3rd party SMTP" which is common for dial-up ISPs.  Check here for your ISPs outgoing mail server and use that for your outgoing mail server.

An alternate solution to "3rd party SMTP blocking" is to use a different port for SMTP.  This also applies to trying to send email when you're traveling and connected to a hotspot.  The default SMTP (outgoing mail) port is 25.  Try using port 366 or 2525 instead.
How do I add an email address to my domain?
Send a request via the Contact form with your domain name and desired email address.  You can setup simple forwards (or "aliases") for your domain which will route to an already existing email address like jsmith123@aol.com.  You can also setup POP accounts which you can retrieve from Outlook, Gmail or via EFX internet Webmail.

General EFXi FAQs

I forgot my password.  How do I retrieve it or change it?
Use the Contact form.  Please indicate if you require a password for Frontpage access, FTP access, Statistics Server, or an email account.  If for an email account, please specify the username.  The username is the part of the email before the @ sign.
Do you have any website hosting plans for non-profit organizations?
Yes.  Use the Contact form or call us at (607) 729-6670 to discuss your needs.
Are transactions on this web site secure?
Yes.  Sensitive areas of this web site are secured with up to 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.

How do I sign up for a hosting account?
Use the Contact form or call us at (607) 729-6670.
How long has EFX internet been in business?
EFX internet has been serving customers locally and around the globe (as far west as California and as far east as the United Kingdom) since 2000.  Principals have been engaged in the website hosting and website design business since 1996.
Linux vs. Windows Hosting?  Which should I choose.
Linux is a freely-distributed operating system that was created in 1991 by a student at the University of Helsinki in Finland.  It was created with the assistance of developers from around the world under an open license that has since made it freely available to everyone.  Today, it is robust, reliable and very efficient and it has repeatedly proven itself as a popular solution for web hosting servers.  Linux uses PHP, Perl and MySQL as languages for adding access and processing online data.

As most people are aware, Microsoft is a preeminent giant in the computing world.  Microsoft's solution is ideal for customers that want to use ASP (Active Server Pages) or other Microsoft applications to design your web pages.  Microsoft hosting also offers an advantage if you wish to incorporate searchable databases in your website.  The Microsoft platform delivers reduced development time and better functionality for databases.  EFX internet Windoes based servers also support PHP and MySQL for those developers that use them.


Where do I point my name servers for a domain I host with EFX internet?
ns1.efxi.net -
ns2.efxi.net -


To whom do I make my hosting check payable to?
EFX internet.  You can also remit online using your credit card via the Online Payment System.
What is EFX internet's postal mailing address?
EFX internet
181 Albany Avenue
Johnson City, NY 13790

More Questions?
If you have any other questions not answered above please Contact Us.

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